Atlas 640-1 Header Graphic

Atlas 640-1

640mm2 x 275mm + 260mm SHPERE (Images show "FIELD" configuration):

640 Practice Side640 Competition Side

Target Specifications & Included Items:

  • Size: 640mm Square (over 4 square foot).
  • Thickness: 275mm Laminated Foam
  • Weight: approx. 7.5Kg (including stand).
  • One, 260mm Bright Yellow Sphere
  • One, FITA or Field Frame & Stand (Please specify).


  • Designed for use primarily in: Short Distance FITA & GNAS Competitions and "at home practice."
  • Single sphere, “positioned dead centre”, to provide superior arrow stopping at shorter distances (approx. 10 to 25M).
  • Ideal for higher level and elite archers where overall target size isn’t an issue. Could easily be used at upto 50M for high level compound & recurve shooters.
  • Ideal for short range indoor practice & at home practice, where space is restricted.